Foot Massage Simulator
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Foot Massage Simulator
curvecart - Foot Massage Simulator - absstimulatorindia -
curvecart - Foot Massage Simulator - absstimulatorindia -

Foot Massage Simulator

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Suffering from any body pain and discomfort?

EMS FOOT MASSAGER-This functions by stepping on the mat pad of the massager providing relief that starts on your feet. Designed like a human foot, targeting the main spots and acupuncture point in human feet for treatment. 

wireless foot vibrator with muscle stimulator that massages your feet while you are seating or standing. This is the perfect tool to have at work under the desk for a little "pep" me up time.

Foot massager ABS Physiotherapy comes a USB Rechargeable cord for travel.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Foot
Material: Composite Material
Model Number: V0021
Size: Medium
Plug: USB cord (No power plug)

 Electric EMS Foot Massager Wireless Feet Muscle Stimulator ABS Physiotherapy Revitalizing Pedicure Tens Foot Vibrate Massage Mat


How to use:
1. The host uses the foot massager: press the power ON / OFF button to turn on the main unit, press "+" / "-" to adjust the massager strength
2. Use your foot massager
Step 1: Place the main unit on the mat and make sure your feet are completely on the mat for 6 seconds.
Step 2: Press the power on/off button to initialize the control unit on the mat.
3. Recommend once a day
Foot massage cushion: 350x280mm
When using, put the bare feet on the mat first, please turn on the power. If you don't operate it, you probably won't be able to sense electrical stimulation.
The EMS style pad automatically closes during 20 minutes of operation. With safety protection and power-saving function, it can be used safer and safer.
Portable - you can use it anytimeElectric-EMS-Foot-Muscle-Stimulator-Massager-Wireless-Low-Frequency-Feet-Physiotherapy-ABS-Stimulator.jpg_800×800 (1)Electric-EMS-Foot-Massager-ABS-Physiotherapy-Revitalizing-Pedicure-Tens-Foot-Vibrator-Wireless-Feet-Muscle-Stimulator-Unisex.jpg_800×800HTB1V6mwTbvpK1RjSZPiq6zmwXXa8
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Nice and warm

Feeling better now than earlier and it is a fabulous product


The goods came for me quickly enough, when and the goods unpacked put on the floor put batteries and put my feet on the massager I sat for 15 minutes baldel because my feet rest, thanks to the seller, I did not regret that I bought it.


Haven't tried yet. Looks just as on website.


Foot Massage Simulator